A year in the life of Sevenoaks captured in new book

Organiser Victoria Granville in front of the wall of photos

An ambitious project to make a visual record of Sevenoaks throughout 2020 has resulted in a stunning book that captures a most unusual year.

In October last year, a photographic exhibition was planned to mark the 900th anniversary of the first known written mention of the town.

Photographer Roger Lee then took more than 240 pictures of the people, buildings and activities in the town centre, and exhibited them in the Kaleidoscope Gallery at the library.

688 people and two dogs were pictured in the exhibition. The black and white images have a timeless quality but also capture a very specific moment in time, as experienced by people in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Although the exhibition is over, the entire collection is gathered together in an accompanying book – Sevenoaks in a Time of Change.

The photos can also be bought as individual prints on this site.

Photographer Roger Lee

Like all town centres, Sevenoaks is currently coping with the challenges of out-of-town shopping and internet retailing, as well as with all the changes brought on by the pandemic.

The collection – which also includes images of un-peopled businesses during lockdown – is a celebration of Sevenoaks dynamism, diversity and resilience.

With the exhibition over, the photos have become the property of the people who appear in them so, other than in the book, they will never again be seen as a collection.

The book contains a historical appendix and essays on the evolution and future of town centres. Meanwhile, a digital archive will safeguard the portrait of Sevenoaks for future generations.

Sevenoaks in a Time of Change is available from here, major book retailers and from Sevenoaks Bookshop, which features in the photos.


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